What Our Customers Say?

  • Roof Damage From Storm
    Roof Damage From Storm

    Homeowners suffered roofing damage in a storm. Insurance company denied the claim, arguing that the roof was too old and deteriorated before the storm so they should not have to pay for repairs... READ MORE →
  • Motorcycle Accident/Fatality
    Motorcycle Accident/Fatality

    24 year old man killed in motorcycle accident when another motorist pulled from a driveway into the motorcyclist’s lane of travel. Local police department accident reconstructionist blamed the motorcyclist for... READ MORE →
  • Smoke Damaged Home
    Smoke Damaged Home

    Homeowner purchased a home that was only 8 years old and had it repainted. A year later, the home suffered smoke damage when the gas fireplace malfunctioned... READ MORE →
  • Slip/Fall at Sports Arena
    Slip/Fall at Sports Arena

    59 year old woman fell at sports arena during a Disney On Ice show. The defendant sports arena denied liability, and refused to compensate the woman for her tiny avulsion... READ MORE →
  • Water Damaged Home
    Water Damaged Home

    Homeowner suffered water damage when the pipes froze. The insurance company hired an engineer and denied coverage for the loss. The engineer changed... READ MORE →
  • SEPTA Accident Injury
    SEPTA Accident Injury

    19 year old SEPTA bus passenger struck his shoulder on a bar when the bus was struck by another vehicle. The... READ MORE →